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New Releases
Coming off the unprecedented box office success of Cease-Fire, acclaimed Iranian director Tahmineh Milani wrote and directed this light-hearted family drama. Shahab Hosseini offers an award-winning performance as Kurosh Zand, a spoiled, egotistical movie star. When little Raha (Fataneh Malek-Mohammadi) comes forward and claims to be his long-lost daughter from a brief affair, Zand allows her to live with him until the results of the paternity test are known. Raha soon brings out the best in Zand, and his meaningless lifestyle begins to change for the better.

DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95  
Prolific director Dariush Mehrjui chose to adapt Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House as his followup to the ground-breaking Hamoun. Appropriately submissive, Sara is a
suitable wife to Hessam until he requires expensive emergency surgery abroad. She obtains the money for his operation through a
shady loan and spends the next three years secretly paying it off so as not to sully his male pride. When the truth about the loan is revealed, the truth behind their marriage is exposed.
A year in the lives of three residents of Tehran working to build better futures shape this compelling story of love and life. The year begins with the struggles of Mokhtar and his wife
Khatoun, who barely scratch out a living on the outskirts of the city. Mokhtar goes in search of opportunities outside Iran, and then fails to return. Marhab, a heavy-machinery mechanic, spots
Khatoun in the neighborhood and tries to win her affections. The year clicks by as misfortune, fate, and tragedy befall their everyday lives.

DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95 DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95

Cast: Golshifteh Farahani,Mehran Modiri,Habib rezayi and Reza Kianian.
IRAN COLOUR 2008 in Persian No Subtitle
Special Features: Photo Gallery,Scene Selection,Thearical Trailer.

Acclaimed director Abolfazl Jalili offers a compassionate story of a young Afghan refugee who lives illegally in Iran. Young Kaim drifts to the Delbaran crossing on the Afghan-Iran border, where he finds work at a coffee shop frequented by truck drivers. He feels at home in this small oasis of friendliness, though the sounds of war can be heard in the background, violent bandits prowl the roads, and opium is everywhere. As we watch Kaim run from one task to another day after day, we soon realize that we are watching a boy who is being cheated out of his childhood.
An award-winning international favorite, DELBARAN may be Jalili’s best film.

DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95 DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95

As a renowned author, Mahmoud feels
pressure to compose his next great novel, but he is suffering from writer’s block. He harkens back to a happier time when he was a shy, awkward 11-year-old on his family’s lush estate in Tehran. He recalls his 14-year-old cousin, a tomboy who is nonetheless a ravishing beauty. She revels in the power that she has over him. That adolescent
girl of long ago—or the memory of her—becomes the muse that inspires him.

The film opens in a dark and drab
contemporary setting but comes alive with light and color when Mahmoud remembers his
childhood from the late 1940s—a time of respite for Iran before the political crises of the 1950s. Controversial filmmaker Dariush Mehrjui (The Cow; Santouri) offers a haunting, autobiographical account of childhood that reminds us all of the power of memory.


From award-winning director Majid Majidi
(Children of Heaven) comes this sensitive drama about a teenage boy who struggles to fit in with his new family.

After his father’s death, young Mehrollah leaves home to make money to support his mother and sisters. At age 14, he returns home a success, bearing money for his mother and gifts for his siblings. He is shocked to learn that his mother has remarried in his absence and moved to a larger house. Mehrollah rejects his new stepfather, but eventually is forced to face him in a harrowing adventure that leads to mutual respect.

Not Released Yet
DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95 DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95

Dayereh Zangi

Southside Tehran meets northside Tehran in TV director Parisa Bakhtavar's comedy debut, "Tambourine". Based on a screenplay by Bakhtavar's husband acclaimed Filmmmaker Asghar Farhadi (Fireworks Wednesday) Tambourine depicts social issues through different levels of life in today's Tehran. Robert Koehler of Variety writes:"Though not as charged and raw in its observations of marital conflict as
"Fireworks Wednesday," "Tambourine" can be viewed as a gentler companion to Farhadi's drama, taking in a larger community of rich and poor characters. Casting is solid all around, as Kosari's poker-faced approach serves as a good contrast to her more broadly playing co-thesps, with actors like Abbar and Shahrokshahi in the emotional middle range."

"Tambourine" is a whirligig comedy, playing out over the course of one day and carrying hints of the ensemble-shuffling of Robert Altman, the snarkiness of Preston Sturges and the pace of Billy Wilder.

Amin Hayayi,Baran Kosari,Mehran Modiri,Mohammad Reza
Sharifinia,Saber Abar,Gohare Kheirandish,Nima Shahrokhshahi,Bahareh Rahnama,Hamed Behdad,Akram Mohammadi,Negar Forouzandeh,Niloufar Khoshkholgh,Omid Rouhani.
Director: Parisa Bakhtavar. Screenplay:Asghar Farhadi. Producer: Seyed Jamal Sadatian. Dirctor of Photography: Morteza Poursamadi. Set and Clothes Designer: Keyvan Moghadam. Makeup: Iman Omidvari. Sound:Bahman Motevali

(Iran, 2008, 110 minutes.) In Persian with subtitles.

DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95

From celebrated Iranian director Dariush Mehrjui (The Cow; The Cycle) comes this
contemporary drama about a musician who plays the santoor, an ancient stringed instrument. Unfortunately, Santouri is also addicted to heroin, which takes an emotional and physical toll. His life takes a tragic downward spiral after authorities ban him from playing in public and his wife leaves him.
Master filmmaker Mehrjui has the distinction of being censored by both the Shah of Iran and the
Islamic fundamentalists that followed in the wake of the Revolution. That he has survived and continues to make films is a testament to his talent, fortitude, and influence on younger generations of filmmakers. Still unafraid of controversy after 30 years of Iranian filmmaking, Mehrjui suggests in his film that his country’s current cultural repression is connected to its rampant drug addition. The soundtrack for this great film is also available.

SANTOURI THE MUSIC MAN. Santuri. Directed by Dariush Mehrjui. With
Bahram Radan, Golshifteh Farahani, Masoud Raygan, and Roya
Teymorian. Written by Dariush Mehrjui and V. Mohammadofar.
Cinematography by Touraj Mansouri. Edited by Mehdi Hosseinivand.
Produced by Dariush Mehrjui and Faramarz Farazmand .
Special Features: Biography of director; Photo Gallery
Iran/2007/Color/Fullscreen/106 mins. In Persian with English subtitles.


CD USA - Our Price: $11.95

From one of Iran’s most talented young filmmakers comes this ensitive drama about two lost souls who run a lowly gas station in a deserted area of
Sadry and his new assistant struggle to eke out a living with their gas station. With few customers and little in common, they spend most of their time alone except for occasional visits by the local postman. Despite their apparent loneliness, each of
the three men dream of romance and are driven to pursue impossible relationships.
With its visually stunning black and white cinematography and off-kilter compositions,

A FEW KILOS OF DATES FOR A FUNERAL is stylishly directed by award-winning newcomer Saman Salur. His clever mix of drama with black humor paints a fresh face on the cinema of Iran. A FEW KILOS OF DATES FOR A FUNERAL. Chand Kilo Khorma Baraye Marassem-e Tadfin. Written and directed by Saman Salur. With Mohsen Tanabandeh, Nader Fallah, and Mohsen Namjoo. Cinematography by Turaj Aslani. Edited by Ali-Reza Farsijani and Saman Salur.

Iran/2006/Black & White/Widescreen/85 mins. In Farsi with English subtitles.

A hotly debated comedy from Iran, SNOWMAN tells the story of young Abbas, a man desperate to immigrate to America, the land of his dreams.
Abbas is so desperate that he dresses as a woman in the hopes of marrying an American man so he can
become a U.S. citizen. But, how long can he go until he is discovered . . .
Davoud Mirbagheri’s ticklish tale of crossdressing taps into a common motif in Iranian culture— a character in a difficult situation who passes as a member of the opposite gender to get out of trouble. Despite this familiar theme, this bubbly comedy was quite controversial when released in Iran.

SNOWMAN. Adam Barfi. Written and directed by Davoud Mirbagheri. With Akbar Abdi, Dariush Arjomand, Azita Hadjian, Parviz Parastooei, Mohammadreza Sharifinia, and Mehdi Fathi. Cinematography by Maziar
Parto. Edited by Mohammad-Reza Mooni. Produced by Sureh Cinema
Dev. Org.

Iran/1995/Color/Widescreen/96 mins. In Farsi with English subtitles.

Release date: 9/23/08

Release date: 10/28/08
DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95 DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95

Sharzad, a lawyer in modern-day Tehran, loses custody of her seven-year-old son after her divorce from a powerful businessman. The boy's diabetes is made worse because the father is more interested in work than in domestic duties, and the young mother finds herself doing her exhusband's chores during her twice-weekly visits.
The situation forces Sharzard to take matters into her own hands.

Though a tightly wound family drama anyone can relate to, ONE THOUSAND WOMEN LIKE ME also offers a first-hand look at how young sophisticates live in a severely patriarchal society. As the title suggests, Sharzad's case is hardly unique as institutions are clearly biased against women--even highly competent ones--a
point made clear by the courtroom where separate entrances exist for men and women. A fascinating look at Iranian culture and politics.

A THOUSAND WOMEN LIKE ME. Herazan Zan Mesle Man. Directed by Reza Karimi. With Niki Karimi, Fariburz Arabnia, Faramarz Sadighi, and Nikoo Kheradmand. Written by Azita Moghuie. Cinematography by Farhad Saba. Edited by Mohammad Reza Mouyini. Produced by Mohammad Mehdi Dadgoo for N.E.J. Intl. Pictures.
Special Features: Photo Gallery Iran/2000/Color/108 mins. In Persian with English subtitles. All-Zone NTSC DVD

DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95
All of Tehran is preparing to celebrate Chaharshanbe-Soori, or the festival of fire, which falls on the last Tuesday night before the Persian New Year. On this auspicious evening, Rouhi (Taraneh Alidoosti), a young woman from a poor neighborhood, is hired by a middle class couple to clean their house. Sweet, naive, and soon to be married, Rouhi's innocence is shattered when she finds herself in the middle of her employers' domestic dispute over accusations of infidelity. "Few Iranian films have tried to realistically depict both the urban middle and lower classes, and fewer still with the complexity of story telling and depth of characterization in Asghar Farhadi's impressive third feature, Fireworks Wednesday" (Deborah Young, Variety). Winner of the Gold Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival. In Farsi with optional English subtitles. This fascinating film by Massoud Kimiayi, one of the few active filmmakers from Iran's pre-revolutionary period, shows the personal effect on one man of the country's societal reforms. Amir (Dariush Arjmand) serves 12 years in prison for killing his brother's unfaithful fiancee--an act he considers necessary to restore the family's honor. In jail he is treated as a hero, but upon his release Amir finds that his country has changed considerably and his murder is now considered barbaric. "Long time screen presence Arjmand builds a subtle portrait of an alienated, prematurely old man" (Robert Koehler, Variety). In Farsi with English subtitles.

DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95 DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95

Nima Pictures & Iranian Film Society presents "HOKM", a film by Massoud Kimiaeyi, Ezaloiah Entezami, Leila Hatami, Bahram Radan, Poulad Kimiaei, Merila Zarei, Khosro Shakibaei.

Director of Photography: Alireza Zarrin Dast. EditorL Jafar Panahi. Music: Kaveh Nasehi. Sound Recorder: Ehsan Khanzadi. Photography: Babak Borzoyeh, Deisgner: Keivan Moghadam. Investor: Gholamreza Sharifi. Written and Directed by: massoud Kimiaei.

IRAN/ 2006/ Color / Persian with No Subtitle / Approx. 108 mins. Special Features: Scene Selevtion, Biography of Director

DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95
A tale of “temporary marriage”—a ritual in Islamic countries—this box-office hit from Iran offers insight into that country’s contemporary attitude toward relationships and marriage. Small-town factory manager Mahmoud travels to Tehran to visit his injured partner. There he meets and falls for Sima, a modern Iranian woman who is much different than Mahmoud’s servile wife. He asks Sima to join him in a “temporary marriage,” but the relationship does not turn out like he envisions.

Director Behrooz Afkhami—who is also a member of the Iranian Parliament—delivers a suspenseful story as well as a telling portrait of Iran’s upper middle class.

HEMLOCK. Shokaran. Directed by Behrooz Afkhami. With Hedieh Tehrani, Fariborz Arab-Nia, Rozita Ghafari, and Hamid Afshar. Written by Minoo Farshchi and Behrooz Afkhami. Cinematography by Nemat Haghighi. Edited by Mohammad Reza Mouyini and Mehrzad Minooi. Original music by Seyed Mohammad Mirzamani. Produced by Seyyed Zia Hashemi

Amin Haghi, a young writer for Iran’s most liberal magazine, is accused of insulting the state when he publishes his dead brother’s war memoirs. As he sits in jail, his girlfriend and buddies try to make bail so the young man can be free while awaiting trial. After little success, someone hits upon the idea of renting out Amin’s family home for celebrations and special occasions. The plan succeeds until the home is rented for a raucous party with alcohol and loud western music.

A love story with social commentary, PARTY exposes the suffering of Iranian society at the hands of a repressive government, particularly over press censorship. Almost banned by authorities, the controversial drama was directed by Saman Moghadam (Siavash; Café Setareh), whose highly entertaining films also explore and critique Iranian society.

DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95 DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95
From the director of Café Setareh and Maxx:
Rock musician Siavash is set to play in his band’s first live show, when he decides to visit the tomb of his father--killed in the Iran-Iraq War--to seek his blessing. After the concert is a success, a friend reveals that Siavash’s father was not martyred in the war but instead has returned to Tehran with other POWs. Distraught and confused, the young musician turns to his photojournalist girlfriend for help and support.

The directorial debut of popular filmmaker Saman Moghadam (Maxx; Café Setareh), this groundbreaking drama captures the mood of Iran just after the Iran-Iraq war in which a younger generation of Iranians was less fervent about religion than their parents and more concerned with leading a peaceful life.

Originally banned by authorities, the film pushed against the barriers of censorship by featuring rock music, which was discouraged in Iran, and by showing public interaction between young men and women.

Three women who live in a poor neighborhood in Tehran actively seek a better life in this contemporary slice of Iranian life. CAFE SETAREH focuses on Fariba, Saloomeh, and Moluk in a triptych of warm-hearted, interwoven stories. Fariba operates the café of the title, while her alcoholic, unemployed husband sponges off her; Saloomeh debates on whether to marry Ebi, whose one good deed doesn’t make up for his mean, controlling streak; and Moluk, a middle-aged landlady, pines for a man who has his own problems. Directed by talented newcomer Saman Moghadam (Maxx), CAFE SETAREH offers an authentic portrait of women, and as noted in Variety, “…in a country theoretically oppressive of women’s full expression, Iranian cinema is second to none as a delivery vehicle for rich dramas about women.”

DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95 DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95
20 Fingers
The Forough Farrokhzad Trilogy
First-time director Mania Akbari explores the heartbreak and joy of romantic relationships through the stories of seven couples searching for happiness. Composed of seven vignettes, the film features the same two actors in each episode, playing different characters. The characters’ problems and issues unfold in conversations, quarrels, and altercations. Some problems are universal and can be found in any culture–jealousy, adultery, abortion. Others reveal the struggles, hardships, and political realities of modern-day Iran, especially for women. At once wrenching yet uplifting, private yet universal, 20 FINGERS reveals a director on the cutting edge of filmmaking in her country.
Forough Farrokhzad, Iran’s most celebrated contemporary poet became a legend in her own time for her innovative and controversial poetry. In this extensive, three-part documentary, Farrokhzad’s life, work, and very soul are laid bare so the world can discover this remarkable artist. Director Nasser Saffarian deftly combines interviews with family members and peers with footage of Farrokhzad herself shot by master director Bernardo Bertolucci to bring out her personality and to capture the essence of her art. Saffarian digs deep into her personal and professional life to uncover new information about this outspoken poet who pushed the boundaries of Iranian society. This compelling documentary includes: “The Green Cold,” a revealing look at her personal life; “The Mirror of the Soul,” an exploration of her controversial, sometimes erotic poetry; and “Summit of the Wave,” an overview of her work in theater and film, including her groundbreaking film The House Is Black.

DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95 DVD USA - Our Price: $14.95

A smash hit in Iran, MAXX is a delightful musical comedy starring a cast of fresh faces, including Farhad Ayish in the title role. In this hilarious tale of mitaken identity, Maxx, a performer in a Los Angeles nightclub, receives an invitation to participate in a musical festival in Tehran. Upon arriving in Iran, Maxx is astounded by the warm welcome and at the many invitations to important cultural events. Little does he know that his invitation was orginally intended for a prominent symphony conductor with a similar name. When authorities in Tehran discover Maxx is a rapper, chaos erupts.

From Tahmineh Milani (TWO WOMEN), Iran's leading female director, comes this irreverent romantic comedy with saucy dialogue and a pointed insight into modern marriage. Sayeh, an exasperated newlywed, stumbles into a psychiatrist's office, where she unloads about her chauvinist husband, Yousef, played by hunky Iranian star Mohammad Reza Golzar (BOUTIQUE, THE LAST SUPPER). But, the immature Sayeh is not without blame--her constant bickering antagonizes Yousef instead of enlightening him. A smash sensation in her own country, CEASE FIRE marks Milani's first foray into mainstream romantic comedy--Iran's most popular genre.